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Welcome Returning and New NIAO Board Members to the next 5 years

The post-election inaugural meeting was held January 21st, 2020 welcoming your new NIAO Board. It's been just over 5 years since NIAO was formed and though it's been a lot of hard work, the organization has grown at a great rate and continues to do so.
Your board is as follows;

President - Kevin Helwig
Vice President - Steven Yee
Secretary - Michelle Helwig
Treasurer - Chris Kruse
Trustee - Reid Roney
Trustee - Tim Easton

We look forward to continuing to grow NIAO and its efforts to keep promoting the sport of target archery whether for recreation, competition, or field through our JOAD / AAP program, area park districts, and schools (NASP).
NIAO isn't just a USA Archery JOAD club, it's an archery organization encompassing the sport in its entirety and is involved in many different programs. Archery coaching, education, safety, and ongoing participation are the main focus.

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